Grandma House

Looking at Leslie Grandma house painting makes me wanted to share mine too. This is a sketch i done on the house which is located at Samarahan district. The area is kind of swampy therefore ideal for coconut and cocoa plantation and this are the type of job my grandma do. It’s a tought job but she was a tough lady and may God bless her soul. Although the house no longer there, swallowed by the jungle and so are the plantation but my child hood memories still quit vivid. I can still imagine myself listening to the wild pigeon singing, stream flowing nearby and the mud skipper happily sun bathing under the coconut bridge and not forgetting the evergreen fauna. Nowadays most houses are built on bricks and machinery take over labourers task, the good old days are gone.

Hope you like the sketch



5 Responses to “Grandma House”

  1. Thank-you Francis. Sometimes it is good for our souls to remember where we came from. I like how your painting depicts the different facets of your Grandmother’s home and work. Very cool!…and thank-you for this image.

    • Thanks Leslie, your encouragement and your blog give me a lot of inspiration. More from grandma home will be posted soon.

  2. Love the sketch and the story about your grandma’s house. It was so nice to hear about your memories visiting her home.

  3. Cuz Imelda Says:

    I remember this house…the place was called kampung semerak if I’m not mistaken. we ate ladies fingers almost not almost but everyday infact for lunch and dinner….with maggi chilli sos some more…and it was great. Good times, and i will always cherish those memories…

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