Batu Caves

Malaysia is really a big melting pot of culture. One of the big celebration of faith for the Hindus will be the Thaipusam. For KL it it will be at the Batu Caves. The lime stones cave is located at the Rawang district. Every year large crowd will turn out for the festival and sometime foreigner will be seen carrying the kavadi. The golden statue standing majestically is Lord Muruga.

Hope you like this sketch.


7 Responses to “Batu Caves”

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  2. Francis.I immediately looked up Thaipusam and found out it was when Marugan received a spear from his Mother on his birthday to slay the evil demon. I wonder if that is the spear in his hand? I learn so much about your culture from viewing your paintings and going and looking up what you talk about. This is incredibly colorful and the birds in the foreground are a nice touch. Many many steps to the caves, huh?

    • Hi Leslie, Thanks for your comment. I did went up the caves for sign seeing a number of times, actually it’s only about 200+ steps but due to it’s steepness it does make one a little tired to climb up.

  3. I love this sketch. The statue is very commanding against the mountain.

  4. Great painting, very proud and powerful. The perspective of the steps throws even more grandeur to the idol in the foreground.

  5. Thanks Ryan, i hope i can draw as good painting as you have. May be i will commission myself to draw the festival, it is very colorful.

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