Feeling Blue

Just finish a portrait painting. Mainly focus on using cyan colours. This drawing is based on photos taken by my friend “Yeoh” while he was on a diving trip at Okinawa, Japan. The objective of the painting is to capture the floating feeling of being underwater. Also the amazing beauty of being inside clear ocean water surround by white sandDiving-zom1Diving-full1


12 Responses to “Feeling Blue”

  1. Wow, Francis, what a neat monochromatic painting. You captured the floating and the white sand idea. Nice use of darks to describe the form.The floating hair cracks me up because it really looks like it’s moving to the flow of the water.

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for your comment. I try to take the advantage of watercolor to do the hair, like letting the color free flow on wet to wet method. I’am glad you like it.

  2. Francis, I have missed out on a lot of paintings! But they’re all beautiful. I’m going to but you on my blogroll right away, so other people can view them as well. I love the color scale in this one! Check out my blog for a challenge! 🙂

  3. Great painting. My husband just went diving in St. Croix and someone sent him a picture when he was underwater. He looks just like you! (Were you in St. Croix?)

    Love all the shades of blue! And you’ve really captured all that diving apparatus! Great painting.

    • Thanks for your comment. Sorry i never did any diving before but this picture reference is actually from a friend of mine at Japan. He really loves diving and went to Okinawa just for the diving. The underwater scene is unbelievable. Well may be next time i will try it out.

  4. Boss, can u try to add a big SHARK at my back?? I will give u another photo, haha.

  5. Great job on catching the movement of the hair and bubbles. It captures a floating sensation very well.

    • Thanks for your comment. Ya, i really try to get the effect working. Will try those effect again in another painting, well that is when my friend did sent me those photos. And thanks for dropping by.

  6. Now i discovered an other beautiful painting.Sometimes my big curiosity makes me discover nice things:today is your blog 🙂

    Have fun!!! 🙂

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