Happy Faces

Child of PERUThis is drawn from a very nice portrait captured by a friend whom went to Peru last year. His amazing photography gave me inspiration to draw this beautiful portrait of Peru children. I can imagine him capturing their photo under the hot sun of Peru, even thought the air might be cold. The bright background in contrast to their darken happy faces strike me, even thought life it’s self is hard but there are always hope if one seek to find it and believe in it.


4 Responses to “Happy Faces”

  1. This is a beautiful portrait of these two children Francis. I love the smiley faces, the missing teeth of the older girl and the scrunched up face of the toddler. You absolutely caught the light in this and I am very intrigued with the movement that you captured. Don’t lose that ability to capture movement. They look very much full of life!

    • Thanks Leslie, i’am glad able to capture their spirit especailly their joyfull faces. Actually this is the first time i try using this method to captured light on human faces. Guess i will try it more often.

  2. Loved the portrait and immediately smiled back at the kids! This painting makes one feel HAPPY!

    • Hi Carol, glad that you like their smile. They really struck me when i first saw their photo sharing from a friend. Just wish the world could see through children eyes, guess there will be less War and hunger.

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