This is the city I live in, Kuala Lumpur. Well actually I don’t live in the city but nearby satellite town. Bit of driving distance from the city. Just like most typical cities in the world, bustling with activity in commerce and alive 24 by 7. I just done a sketch on one of it’s famous landmark, The Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It is located just opposite of the Merdeka square, the field is famous for all the concert and the parade celebration of the independence day. Hope you like this sketch, a tribute to KL Heritage. More to come.



6 Responses to “Heritage”

  1. Love how this building vanishes into the distance giving me the idea that it is both large and rambling.

  2. Lovely watercolor of a street scape! Give us more!!!

  3. Thanks Carol. No worries, more will be posted. Thanks for droping by.

  4. Wow loved reading your blogpost. I added your feed to my reader.

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