Borneo Delight

Got this photo from my father, the Kuching house orchid has just bloom. Sweet fragrance is again in the air. The smell is so strong one might even notice it from 5 feet away. Very seldom the “Borneo Orchid” bloom with more then two flowers at each time. So that is what my father mention and of course the smell is quadruple in strength. The origin of this orchid might be from Lundu, a small town almost to the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. The small town is famous for it’s catch of wild boar and occasionally mouse deer but nowadays it is more well know for it’s flora, such infamous rafflasia flower can be found nearby the town. Have not seen them yet, may be one of this days. Hope you like this painting.

Borneo Orchid


3 Responses to “Borneo Delight”

  1. I really like the color and the shapes you achieved in this painting, Francis. The petals on this flower look ever so delicate. Thank-you for this image.

    • Thanks Leslie, yes they are delicate but they can last for quite a while sometimes weeks and they have very refreshing fragrance. I think the water droplets did not come out well. I try not to use the masking fluid actually i never did get to use it right, always when trying to mask small area just can’t get the fluid to flow correctly always the masking fluid brush will stick together to form clumps and thats it. Not sure if you have the same experience

      • Your water droplets are fine and they are hard to do. Yes, you can ruin a brush with masking fluid. A brush clumped with masking fluid can be used for irregular texture. If you want to keep your brush free of the drying stuff, wet it and swipe it several times on a bar of soap( I use a soap meant for cleaning brushes that comes in a little jar) coating the fibers. Then dip it into the masking fluid. After about three dips in masking, I swish the brush in water, coat with soap again and mask some more etc, etc. The stuff doesn’t dry and clump so much and it sledes off the soaped fiber when you rinse.

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