Old friends

Very busy week starting last weekend can’t even get any timeout to put down some paints. Have found some old painting which I have done sometime back. This is a group portrait on my wedding reception group photo. This is a photo taken many years back but it reminds me of most of my good old friends whom I have not meet since the photo taken. I do miss them a lot, hopefully have chance to go back to my hometown and have a get together. Well most probably will be this coming Chinese New Year. Wish all of them forever good health and happy always.

Wedgrp-cls2-1Wedgrp-cl1-1Wed Group1


4 Responses to “Old friends”

  1. Francis. This is remarkable. What a wonderful memory you have here. Hope you do get to visit your friends soon.

  2. I think I spotted your sis, Yvonne in the group pic? Very nice, indeed!

    • Ha..ha..ha..no lar..this are my friends from last time we study in Sg Tapang and some during working time. This painting is reference to my wedding photo at Kuching Holiday Inn. Well i’am going to start drawing the latest photo of them..hopefully got time to do it.

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