Gambier Old Market place

This is a picture taken from the old Gambier market place. This is an angle taken from the Sarawak river looking at the market place. Soon this nostalgic location will become memories to most of the older Kuching folks as it’s paving the way for new construction. I try to capture the dark interior of the market with the contrast of the elongated florescence tube and of course the reflection from the market and the building near by. Mind you, the river is brownish in colour something like english tea mix with milk. As with most market places especially nearby a river,rubbish is a sight to behold. Well, hope you like the painting.

Kuching walf pic

Kuching walf pic-closeup


2 Responses to “Gambier Old Market place”

  1. Francis, I really like the composition of this painting with the building in the upper left hand quadrant. I f you were trying for a milky tea look to the water, you got it spot on! Love the colors with the yellows, blues and greens and touch of orange.

  2. Thanks for your comment Leslie. Your comment are always welcome

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