Daibatsu-Great Buddha of Kamakura

Taken this picture during a hot sunny afternoon at Kamakura. Did not expect to see such a big Buddha statue at the site, there is even a warning sign mention about Tsunami alert. From the history, seems like there were temple build around the buddha but was swept away by the great tsunami.Kamakura is a great place to visist, small town near seashore. Very peacefull and quiet.Hope you like this painting

Kamakura Budha Statue


2 Responses to “Daibatsu-Great Buddha of Kamakura”

  1. Francis. This painting is awesome! I like looking at watercolors of statuary and have painted a few, myself. I like how you’ve captured the drippy discoloration or oxidation on the statue. Are those birds in his hand? If so, what a nice touch. I also like the smokey light that wafts up to the sky on the left of the painting. It helps to hold my eye on the buddha. Nice work on the stonework, trees and sky.

  2. Thanks Leslie. For the discoloration i’am using a dry brush with a bit of brown color straight from the tube thought it’s nice to experiment them here. On the hand actually it’s two hole from a gripping hand..not sure what are those hole for might be for some kind of viewing port, actually the inside of the bronze buddha is hollow.

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