Penang Heritage Village

Got the source picture from my friend facebook. He went to Penang (Pearl of Orient) on one of his trip to northen peninsular. The picture captured was really very nice. For quite a while the village have been under debate, either to  demolishing or relocate them but nowadays they become a tourist spot. Some revenue for the locals and maintain our heritage. Good job.

So here they are in watercolor version. Hope you enjoy it. Those speed boat (with huge outboard motor mounted) are mainly used for transporting goods and people and some even used for short distance fishing. Should have drawn some boat masters busy with their chores, i think that will be more interesting to see.



2 Responses to “Penang Heritage Village”

  1. This is so interesting Francis. I especially like the composition in this one. I like how you caught the still water and the shadows cast on it from the boats.

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