The durian season-2

Now this the the king of fruits, this type of stalls sprout all over the country during the durian seasons. Some may sell by the fruit weight (in kg) or by the number of it. I still remember last time when i was at Kuching, we used to bought durians by the basket (will illustrate those special basket next time). Those basket are weive by local Sarawakian, i don’t think we see those anymore. Hope you enjoy the painting.



2 Responses to “The durian season-2”

  1. Yes! I come here everyday to see if you’ve posted something new. I love the color and atmosphere you’ve created in this painting. The way you blocked in the dark shapes of buildings and trees in the background is so good and looks effortless. I’m going to have to remember what you’ve done here. I guess that’s the best compliment I can give you. Your paintings are memorable. That’s a sign of a good painting.

  2. Thanks for your generous comment. I really appreciate the effort of anyone who leave comments. Either it’s good or bad it is really a learning experience for me. Thank you so much.

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