Sarawak River

This scene was captured during my last trip to Sibu town, i think it’s around May 2007. The winding river scene is taken while the plane flew in low altitude almost reaching Kuching City. I seen this scene since childhood time but new did cross my mind to draw it out. It post quit a challenge especially in portraying the low altitude clouds and the shadow it posted to the ground below. I think i will like to try to draw a better and more realistic painting in the future.

Hope you enjoy it. You will never miss this scene if you’re taking the local flight to any town within Sarawak.

Sarawak River


2 Responses to “Sarawak River”

  1. silverstar Says:

    did u fly on board a boeing? if u fly on board the fokker 50 the scenery is better cos they fly lower and slower so u can absorb more

  2. Francis Says:

    I think that time i fly using boeing lar, that is why the ground scene only look closer when almost land at Kuching. I agree if fly fokker much better.

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