Mukah is a small coastal town almost at the middle part of Sarawak, halfway between the town of Sibu and Bintulu. It’s a town fill with my childhood memories. Most of them are hilarious, fist dog bite, fist bicycle, first time drink coffee and not to forget first time watch video of some old movie in the coffee shop (imagine a few 8 years old kid watch video with bunch of working adults..interesting). Those were the days. Nowadays Mukah has grown into a viable cottage industry hub and it’s developing quit rapidly. I capture this scene while i was strolling around the central market. Some fishing vessel just drop by the old jetty to unload their fresh catch. Fresh means the fishes and prawn still live and kicking, well that’s life at Mukah. Too bad nobody actually open a shahimi parlor near the market, i bet the business must be good. Of course the shop have to close during monsoon seasons..well the “taukeh” can always go on a holiday during the rainy seasons.



8 Responses to “Mukah”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Really nice.

  2. silverstar Says:

    u shud go further interior to Kapit….and all the way to Song…..u will find interior Sarawak a very interesting subject for ur paintings

  3. Francis Says:

    lesliepaints, for your commend.

    silverstar, ya i agree but never have time to really travel sarawak. I meet a couple from German the last time i went to Mulu, they have just travel all the way from kuching then serikei, then kapit and all the way to Mulu by land. So as Sarawakian, i think some day we should do that too.

  4. Francis Says:

    Lesliepaint, thanks for your comment. Pardon my english

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    Francis. Don’t apologize for your english. You are fortunate to know another language. I can only speak english.

  6. Cuz Dada Says:

    Hi Cuz,
    Awesomely beautiful….you should sell your paintings in e-bay…. 😉

  7. Cuz Dada Says:

    Hi Cuz,
    I hope you will do a painting on Ivan. Can’t wait to see your boy.

    • Francis Jong Says:

      Thanks cousin. Yup will do some sketches on my baby boy soon, may be this weekend. Special painting commision for my cousin..hehehe..take care

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