Honda Cup again

Last few rounds i posted a few cup done in sketches, this time it’s in watercolor. This cup is one generation younger then the cup owned by my father way back in Kuching. I think he bhought the bike during the mid 80’s. The bike is so reliable i even got to used it during my fist job at Bintulu, and that is such a long time ago. I think it’s in 1991cup


3 Responses to “Honda Cup again”

  1. silverstar Says:

    yeah bro and u practically gave it away to someone, shud have sell it to me and i wud have kept it till now…..anyway u remember ur half shell helmet?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ya man, i still remember lar. hmm..why you asked?? Ya you are right, it’s really a give away. Well since i done use it anymore at Kuching (after come back from Bintulu) so my pop decide to sell it off lar.

    Shd have keep’s really an antic bike but reliable one lar.

  3. silverstar Says:

    bro u know how much they sell for a well maintained old kapchai like that? about 3k……of course to antique bike lovers la

    hey can u paint the RXZ that Chez n me used to ride in Bintulu!?

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