I saw this picture from an old reader digest book, i think it’s about the siberian tiger. I thought it was interesting so i capture it into my drawing. Hope you like it.tigers


5 Responses to “Tigers”

  1. Hi Francis,
    Good to see you back! Hope you had a great start to 2009… Is your mum still in KL? Congrats for September’s bundle of joy!! Must have kept you on your toes as we’ve not seen you for quite a bit. I love these felines! Great job and thanks for sharing your thoughts in pictures.
    Cheers from Belgium……Dora & family

    • Francis Jong Says:

      Hi Dora,

      Wish you have a great new year too. My mom and dad is in KL, so this year CNY will be celebrated here too. Maybe neat year i will go back to KCH for CNY, well see how lar.

  2. Hi Francis,
    Glad to see you back! Just taking this opportunity to wish you and family and readers “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.

    Need to work very very hard! It is the year of the Ox!

    Cheers from Sibu…Gerard & family

    • Francis Jong Says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family too. May year of the bull bring great hapiness and joy to you and everyone.

  3. cmteng Says:

    remember your 20 may dead line,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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