Many years back

Hi, have done some sletches from memory. This sketch shows familiar sights while living at kuching many years ago. Talking about many years, i think it’s about 25 years back. See those cars and lorries, those are common vehicles driving around during late 70s and early 80s. I used to come to this apartment many times especially during school holidays.

Hope you enjoy it.kuching1


4 Responses to “Many years back”

  1. silverstar Says:

    bro, where in kch is that apartment? the old kmc flats ka? i can see a datsun, 2 bedford lorries and one celica….hahaha u sure have good memories

    anyway, a belated Happy New Year to you and family….glad to see u posting new sketches….luv them

    • Francis Jong Says:

      Hi bro, ya finally got time to do some sketches. well that apartment is located at padungan, i think it’s next to the sarawak tribune. I think most of my childhood is spend there. Well the memory is a bit sketchy but still can remember some of it.

  2. great job! keep up the good work…I really admire your masterpieces. 🙂

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