Happy New Year

Hi everyone, thanks for your support by browsing this blog. It’s have been a long time since I last update. Wonderful event have happen since September. Apologize for not keeping this blog updated. Lately have been quit busy, work related and at home.


As I’am writing this message, the hour is the last few moments before parting with year 2008. I think for most of us, hours such as this flashes back memories of significant events which have happen along the year 2008. I believe (for myself especially) the year 2008 start with a mix feeling of hope plus little bit of uncertainty, well that is how I feel but eventually something will turn out well and some don’t. I think most of the years are like that. But for coming year 2009, I think most of us already now what is the outcome but look on the brighter side, things get bad, very bad eventually it will start to become better and may be good for many years to come. Hopefully the bad part don’t take it’s time.


Well a word of advice from very wise person from India, CASH is king and how true it is during such time therefore save for the rainy days (if we still have some saving left).


Hope next year (2009) won’t be as bad as those economist predicted. Well we could all hope and prey, maybe with all our collective mind focus on preying for better year, all things will be better…most certainly.


Discard all bad thoughts and sorrow, instead focus on new hope and new beginning for year 2009


Happy New Year everyone and may year 2009 bring happiness and good fortune to every one of us. God Bless.


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