Honda Cup can haul anything

I have done some sketches on what Honda cup can do. I think they are the most economical and Versailles bike in the world. They are really build for low cost, efficient and able to meet demanding tasks. Of coursespeed is not within their capability. So here they are, the first sketch is the cup with stakes of eggs, next is the cup with boxes of Guinness beer, anchor, Malta and some boxes. Hope you enjoy the sketches. Lots more to come…please stay tune. New posting next week.


4 Responses to “Honda Cup can haul anything”

  1. Hello Francis,

    Gosh it’s been days or weeks since I read your blog and these 2 paintings of the Honda Cup can “haul” anything are just superb! Really I thought these were photos and not paintings… at first sight. You have great talent. Your mum and dad must be so proud of you. BTW, on what size paper do you paint your paintings? You must have lots by now….. any thoughts of selling them or maybe put them up in an exhibition?

    Cheers from Belgium,
    Dora and family

  2. Francis, Dora used to be a good artist. I have seen some of her paintings/drawings a very long time ago. I guess Dora should continue with the art.

    The Honda cubs… they are superb! and so are other paintings. I guess you could put them for exhibition one day.

    Good luck! Btw, do your sisters paint?


  3. That’s a huge compliment you made there, bro G! I was just so-so but I do appreciate paintings and artwork. I was more into crayons, craypas. Tried watercolors, thought it was great but my 6th form art teacher didn’t think so. He said it was too dry… that’s why I sticked to using crayons, due to the force of gravity, perhaps, ie my fingers just needed to be nearer the paper. By using the paintbrush, my fingers were too high above the paper and hence was not in control. It’s been years since I drew/ paint. I loved sketching portraits as well but haven’t find the time to get back to all these routine… one day, yes one day….

  4. Hi Cuz,
    Love the honda cubs….looks real. So far I’ve seen Yvonne’s art, she’s good too. I enjoy your paintings tremendously. You should sell over e-bay lah. Hahaha….

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