Nikko Town

Another painting from Nikko. This time it’s the town. Actually i got this picture from the internet, it’s interesting to see the ice covered mountain at the background and the serene town. It gives an impression of cold and gloomy. But with the two character, the women and a small child it add some balance to the mode. I try to campture the cold winter feeling of the town. Hope you are able to feel it.


2 Responses to “Nikko Town”

  1. Francis, it has been a long time since I met you. Glad you finally settled down.
    OK, about your paintings. It’s from the heart. Magnificent! I love the water lilies, the lighting, colors, etc. I am no painting expert neither good at it. Got only a 6 for art in SPM. How I wish I could paint half as good as you. haha…

    Continue the good job! I bet it is a way to get out of stress.

    Cheers, cousin Gerard

  2. Francis Jong Says:

    Hi Gerard, wow it must have been years since i last met you. I have heard lots of wonderful new from my mom and i’am glad you and your family are well and in best of health and study too.

    Thanks for you compliment and support, i’am glad to be able to share some of my work. It’s really an enjoying experience to paint especially good in destressing. You know lar, working and living and KL..stress everyday.

    You have a great day and stay healthy.


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