ToToRo – making 1

Another weekend and another painting, well can’t be busy too much. Still need to watch the closing of the olympic, a grand closing indeed.

I have been an admirer of Miyazaki works for a long time, during the early years din’t notice his work at Malaysia but nowadays you really can;t miss it. Have bought all the collection of his works except for the drama series. If anyone have yet watch or even herd of Miyazaki, go any look for animated filem from Japan such as Spirited Away, Nausicaaor Princess Mononoke at yout nearest DVD shops. It is really an aw inspiring movie. If you are at Japan, try visit his meseum (ghibli museum) at Inokashira Park in Mitaka, Tokyo. Lots of interesting gadgets and character to see, it’s really fun.

Since i’am a big fan of his work therefore i will try to imitate some of it, of cause it’s for my own interest only (not for sale or anything). Following are the pictures taken from my painting at work (i got the original picture from flicker, its a poster taken by tourist), i try to combine oth of them into one painting. Hope it works.

It shows the animated character from “My neighborhood totoro” and at the mountain slops is “Howls moving castle”, the weird looking moving castle of course. The painting is done in 24X16 inches watercolor paper. Will poste the finished painting soon…so tune in.


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