Bridge at NIKKO


Hi, i have just finish two small paintings this week. This painting is done in 7X10 inch acid free watercolor paper and using Holbein watercolors (Bought from Japan and with the help of my Japanese fr ind, Mr Nogami)

Hope you like this picture, this bridge is very scenic, it’s located at NIKKO, Japan. While driving through NIKKO small town and just before reaching Tokugawa mausoleum you are face with a very scenic picturesque scene and just on the left hand site is this bridge. Many tourist comes to NIKKO to enjoy the serene and cultural experience. More of NIKKO will be coming soon.


2 Responses to “Bridge at NIKKO”

  1. Tomokazu.N Says:

    Hi,What a nice picture!!my gf thought it’s a photo.
    We miss the time we went to Nikko togather.

    No wonder why you took a photos a lot.he he he

  2. Francis Jong Says:

    Hi Nogami, Thanks for your comment. Ya we really miss the time we have at NIKKO, we really enjoy it. Lots of NIKKO painting coming up soon. So keep visiting my blog. Arigato

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